Welcome to GoodPolyamory.com, a space for those looking to make vulnerability and open communication the core of their polyamory. This site has been many years in the making, if only in our minds. We've longed for a space where we can support our fellow non-monogamists as they struggle through the complexities of polyamory. In a world that spoon feeds us heteronormative compulsory monogamy, we hope that on these pages you see your polyglamorous life reflected back to you in a way that makes you feel good.

We're just starting our journey of documenting our failures and successes throughout our non-monogamous lives and we can't do it without you. We need your help to grow, so here are a few things that we would love for you to do if you have time:

We are so excited to welcome you here and hope you'll continue to engage with us wherever you roam on the internet! Our team is small but our spirits are full. Please reach out via email or the Dear Poly form if there's anything you'd like to see us cover on the site!

The Good Polyamory Team